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Welcome to Low Hill Nursery School

Head Teacher's Welcome

We hope this website will enable you to find out what you need to know about Low Hill Nursery School.

It will allow you to look at our school policies and procedures and is also a link between home and school. We will share news and information regularly and upload photos of all the lovely learning that happens here at Low Hill Nursery.

We have an 'open door' policy, so any things you wish to know, you can ask Pauline and Keosha at reception, ask your child's key worker, ask to speak to our Pastoral team, Jayne Beech and Tara Smith and myself Emma Harris the Acting Head Teacher.

BBC Feature

BBC Midlands Today visited LHNS and another local school to showcase the amazing work that is happening in Wolverhampton!


We are proud to be an outstanding school and even more proud of the children, families and community we serve. 

Wellbeing Award 2023-2026


Wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do at Low Hill Nursery School, for not only the children but also families and staff. After successfully completing the wellbeing award for three years in 2019, we have once again successfully completed the process and been awarded the status until 2026! This award recognises the ongoing work in the school and the wider community.  Here are some of the comments that we received from our final report.


 "The commitment to, and passion for, wellbeing was evident throughout my visit. I was lucky enough to observe the children in all sorts of activities inside and outside, both guided by staff and individual exploration. The rooms are set up to cater for many levels of need with the Sunflower room designed for the most vulnerable of children. There is a constant reminder to the children of how their feelings are valued with images and expressions for them to identify sand name – which is done regularly. The staff showed high levels of emotional understanding and the children presented as happy, calm, engaged and energetic. The impact on the school is evident in many areas – not least that the academic curriculum takes second place to the importance of children feeling safe, secure, seen and soothed. The language of mental health and wellbeing is respected and understood – it continues to be an intrinsic part of school life. The school has become an Attachment and Trauma Informed School to enable staff to be even better responders to their more vulnerable pupils, and has won an award last year from ARC for their work as an attachment aware school." Liz Bates 

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