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"Children are our future, let us all join hands and walk there with them."

About Us 

Terrific 4 Twos 
How to Apply


To apply for a place within our toddler room, simply visit the Nursery reception and pick up the appropriate forms.

Apply online for your voucher number by clicking this link or bring in your postcard.

For more details please call the Nursery on 01902 558124

Teaching & Learning


Within our Terrific for Two’s we follow the same ethos throughout the school.

  • We believe in an holistic approach to learning, understanding and recognising that children have individual learning styles.

  • The child and family is the heart of everything we do.

  • We believe home, school and practitioner work together to ensure all children are able to reach their full potential.

  • We believe that our children’s learning begins in the home. We support and extend their learning by providing a challenging, stimulating, well resourced, well organised environment which enables each child to develop physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, morally and spiritually.

  • We implement the Early Years Foundation Stage recognising that play based activities and opportunities to investigate, explore, enquire, predict and evaluate can take place in a climate without fear or compromise.

  • We believe every child has a right to a safe, secure environment where everyone regardless of gender, culture, ethnicity or Special Rights are treated as individuals and can derive pleasure, independence and confidence through learning.

  • We ensure that all staff are well qualified and highly skilled in order to have high expectations of the children and are able to deliver a quality curriculum which meets individual needs.

  • We celebrate every milestone however small.

  • We promote opportunities to share learning experiences with the wider community.

  • During the last term the children have been playing & exploring whilst becoming engaged in projects developing thinking & learning. Here we share some of what the children have been doing.

  • The children have shown curiosity in ways in which their bodies can move, the staff drawn into their interest and added enhancements to the environment in order for them to find out what they needed to know. The children use their bodies to move freely within the outdoor environment and use practitioners as a source of knowledge for Learning & Development.


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