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"Children are our future, let us all join hands and walk there with them."

About Us 

Early Years Pupil Premium

Low Hill Nursery School currently has 48.33% of children eligible to receive pupil premium.

​Early Years Pupil Premium is used to support the learning and development of the most disadvantaged children.  We would like to say thank you to all of our parents that have taken the time to complete the application forms. The money from Early Years Pupil Premium has enabled us to;

  • Implement intervention groups for children with additional needs

  • Employ a Play Therapist

  • Organise teacher-led family learning sessions to support Mathematics. The focus was particularly on the language of maths in the world around us. Families engaged readily and feedback was overwhelmingly positive​

  • Employ a pastoral manager to work with our families

  • Children have the opportunity to attend 2 weekly sessions at Kingswood, an outdoor educational centre, where they engage in forest school activities

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